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Wrist tattoos for girls has become more popular. Many girls get tattoos on their wrists simply because it’s one of the best ways to express themselves. Before getting a tattoo, one should seek advice, do research to be sure. Make sure you’re not getting a tattoo for wrong reasons because tattoos are a permanent thing. There are sites on line they will give you more wrist tattoos ideas. Next, is to choose from a range of wrist tattoos designs that would best express your personality.

Is it painful to get a wrist tattoo?

There are many stories on how painful it is when getting a tattoo. Wrist tattoos pain can be very excruciating because it is done on your wrist bone and the skin is closer to the bones and not much fatty tissue or muscles to cushion the needle. But this pain usually subsides in a couple days. In some cases wrist tattoos heal slowly because they are more exposed and may require touch ups.

Once the wrist tattoo is done, all you need to do now is take special care of the tattoo area. Do not pick on the tattoo scab and wash it gently with mild soap. If your tattoo is seen reddish, swollen and painful either you go back to the tattoo artist or consult a physician.

Another video of a woman getting her first wrist tattoo. Check this out to know if it is painful.

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